MAFIA BIGG BOSS  : Film Review

Banner: Studio DG 9 Productions

Producer-director: Dilip Gulati

Music: Bappi Lahiri


The film  depicts the story of all the Dons who ruled from Mumbai from 1960 to 1990. Don Abdullah( Dilip Gulati) is trying his best to keep the two gangs of Dons, one led by tabrez(Sagar Pandey) and the other by  Baadshah (Raj Sagar). Many other dons also come to meet Don Abdullah to get their share of the profits which he manages to convince them that if they fought among themselves the business will be destroyed and nobody will prosper. But the two main dons Tabrez and Baadshah are always at loggerheads and  most of the dons get killed in gang rivalry. Don Baadshah leaves to Dubai in 1986 and he becomes the Mafia Big Boss.


The film deals with the lives of these Dons who show their power to their rivals and how they manipulate their business of smuggling of Gold, Silver, drugs, weapons, extortion etc. and their life styles. Writer-producer-director Dilip Gulati himself plays the role of Don Abdullah and his character has been inspired by the Don who came from Gujarat and ruled in his own way in spite of the Mumbai dons having heir own clout. There are references of Dubai and other places where the Dons have managed to exploit their working pattern and also how the Dons have helped the Police by destroying themselves killing each other which makes the film’s message very clear that crime never pays.Dilip Gulati has written the screenplay himself and has researched the lives of Dons very well. How the Dons talk, how they walk and how they treat the women has been depicted in a natural way.The dialogue spoken by the Dons is also inspired by the true ways of the Dons speaking with their people and their love for women and how the women manipulate the Dons is also shown in few scenes.

The censors have liberally passed a few scenes of women dancing in skimpy clothes and also hiding the pistols in their undergarments which will be liked by the masses. Performances by Raj Chauhan and Sagar Pandey as the main Dons are praiseworthy. Dilip Gulati has also given a seasoned performance and as Don Abdullah, he manages to make a bigger impact than the other Dons as he plays the peacemaker rather than being a rival or an enemy to other Dons.The girls Archana,Moon Moon Guha and Tania Talwani do well in item numbers. The best song of the film is the Bappi Lahiri rendered Bhai, Mumbai Ka Bhai and one Rajasthani folk dance number which is very catchy. The songs give relief to the film which is full of tense-ridden moments. Camerawork (Hemant).Action (Mohd. Bhai) and editing (Dilip Gulati) are upto the mark.The publiicty was fair.

At the box-office, MAFIA BIGG BOSS will attract the mass audiences and will score mainly in B and C centres. .